What is a BSG?

Blockchain Startup Groups (BSGs) are for NEW founders and developers who are interested in learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Everything from how to setup your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin wallets, to how to launch an ICO and manage your own blockchain platforms.

A BSG can take many forms — from just a few people getting together to watch a video, to large gatherings with demos and industry insider talks.

BSGs are focused on developing startup leaders in communities around the world that want to power their businesses with blockchain technology, and the core audience should reflect this focus.


Admission to a BSB is

Open to the pubspanc
Requires that you have a Cryptocurrency wallet
You have an interest to learn from your peers or industry insiders
You can contribute to the community through expertise or mentorship


A BSG is

Run by passionate individuals actively developing a blockchain powered startups
A place to learn about Blockchain technology for founders and developers.
A place to see what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies
Focused on educational and learning content
A place to meet cool and smart people in tech



A place to hear a sales pitch at any time.
Focused on end users or consumer content
A place to recruit talent
A place to promote 3rd party events unless authorized by an Ambassador.

How to get involved with a BSG

Make sure you've checked the Chapter listing and see that no other chapters are in your area. If there is one, contact the organizer and join in the fun.
Please also read the Community Guidelines before proceeding.
Want to lead a chapter or event, find out how by looking at the Ambassador section.

Chapter names

The de-facto standard that we use is BSG <general location> .
The location doesn't have to be a city name, but, it should have a local meaning eg. we have BSG Silicon Valley which has local meaning in the San Francisco Bay Area.
As a general rule, you should not name your chapter after too large a region, like a state or country.

Submit application

Fill out a New Chapter Application and include the city and country for mapping purposes (it's pretty short, really).

Check out our Forum and Community guidelines for all the shared best practices and tips for running a group.

Still have questions or feedback?

Contact [email protected]